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Data science and Machine Learning application

The propensity to convert/buy will tell you which customers are most likely ready to buy. Target directly the ‘almost sure to buy’ and offer greater discounts or more information why your product is the best to the ‘not so sure’ segments!

This type of analysis is great for your next marketing campaign.

X customers churned! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a ‘Some customers are about to churn!’ warning? Better start a retention campaign right now and keep them. Reach out to your customers before they go to the competition.

This type of analysis will make your VP of Customer Relationship really happy.

Which type of messaging, product description, pricing, email structure is better and will bring more juice to your business. This is what A/B testing can answer. Careful design of the experiment is as important as deciding what to test. Violate any of the statistical assumption and your analysis will be no better that random choice.

Read car license plates, look out for fire, automatically detect moving object or people. Need area under constant surveillance? Leave grunt work to the computers.

In the digital age the amount of data has been exploding. Every interaction on any device and on the web is producing data points. Sophisticated analytics can aid decision making, discover customer insights and create new growth opportunities. The way you use your data can quickly become a new basis for outperforming your competition.
Our mission is to help you use your data and impact your bottom line.
We can help you with:

A/B testing design and analysis

Customer Segmentation

Credit risk scoring

Predicted Customer Lifetime value

Probability to churn

Probability to convert

Product recommendation

Computer vision

HR analytics

Social media/Social Network Analysis

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